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Marriage , sex and Nations's development :

Marriage , sex and Nations's development :

Most people get stuck within their minds with the thought of marrying with pre marital sex. If you are in legal age to have and discover sex and if you are in for the rush and feeling of it , go ahead ( with all the precautions and safety to be used ). The problem with many people happens that they get stuck in the dilemma of having it and not having it . Sex is exactly like your any other feeling and emotion , it's a requirement of your body . Just like hunger for food , , feeling thirsty , feeling to go the loo , sleep , same goes with SEX. Human beings have been suppressing this natural feeling in certain demographics. Choosing the right partner for sex is different and choosing a right partner for marriage is different , because both the things are done keeping in mind a very different aspect. You surely should marry the one you feel like but not necessary you shall be marrying the one with whom you have had sex . And if you are lucky you end up getting these two things together . Now, why does a nation's development depends on the behavior of sex and marriage? Most developed nations and successful people don't get stuck between choosing love and lust, PERIOD. You have to be vocal and practical for these two things , because getting stuck in between will make you upset , depressed and what not . These low feelings will backfire on you in your studies , work and overall environment . This will make you non productive and non performer in your tasks , as a result the overall outcome shall become negative . We don't realise but the nation's development depends on how much value we have added in the progress of the nation, not the confused thoughts surroundings us . So make love , make relationships , marry , but if you feel there is an end to it say it , end it , if you feel to start it , do it go ahead and leave the rest to the UNIVERSE .

Kaboom! Is SEX an addiction or a disorder  ?

Kaboom! Is SEX an addiction or a disorder ?

Whatever it is , we love it to the core
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